While deciding on where to go on your next trip, there is a strong likelihood of you being faced with many choices. Considering you want the most of any trip you take, choosing a travel destination to visit can be hard. Luckily, many surveys have been conducted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association for making this process easier. Their results for best travel destinations, especially in the developing world, may surprise you!

The Adventure Travel Development Index defines adventure travel as the interaction of people with nature, culture and physical activity. 315 tour operators, assorted tourism officials, travel writers, and some hospitality industry experts were roped in for ranking the top travel destination of our list. Factors being considered here include security, health, safety, sustainable development, cultural or natural resources, and infrastructure.

Here’s the list that we came up with:

5. Latvia

Latvia is a tiny country that boasts close to 350 miles of coastlines. It consists of Jurmala, considered by many to have the best seaside resort in the Baltic region. It also has the dense forest of the Kemeri National Park which is host to popular observation towers for bird-watching. Latvia’s capital, Riga, is also a top tourist destination. Tourists love to visit the city due to its many sights and sounds as well as its famous Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum.

4. Romania

This country is well-known for having emerged from the Eastern Bloc and for overcoming economic calamity. However, tourism is reviving the country and rehabilitating its image. Visitors are always seen coming in for camping and hiking at the Carpathian Mountains so they can explore the Northern Moldavian Painted Monasteries. The delta of the Danube River creates fantastic islands, lakes, marshes, and canals here and is in close proximity to Transylvania – the city made famous by the legend of Dracula.

3.  Jordan

The gem of this country is the city of Petra, where the entire city is carved out of a stone canyon hidden in a desert by the Nabataeans in the 6th century BC. Many other Roman ruins can be found in the capital city of Amman and Northern Jerash. Other than this, some nature reserves like desert lowlands and gorges can be found in Mujib which is known to be the lowest in the world at 410 meters below sea level.

2. Slovakia

The other half of former Czechoslovakia sits in the Eastern crossroads of Europe. The slogan for tourism in this country is “the Little Big Country” because of the Carpathian Mountains in the north. Some visitors here also come from neighboring countries like Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Lastly, Slovakia has even scored high points in terms of hygiene, health, and infrastructure.

1.    Israel

This country has been a pilgrimage destination for millennia but it has also recently caught the attention of adventure travelers. In fact, the survey found that visitors for religious pilgrimage have declined while general tourism is on the rise. Tourists can partake in outdoor activities like hiking on Masada, floating on salt water in the Dead Sea and playing water sports at Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean Beach. If you need a break from all the adventurous activities, you can go explore the exciting nightlife.

Other than these travel destinations, we would also recommend you to check out Chile, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. You will not regret it!