For those who have hiking enthusiasts in their lives, coming up with the perfect gifts for the holidays — or any other occasion — can be tricky. To help your holiday shopping, these are a few great gifts that any hiker is sure to appreciate!

Snacks for the Hiking Trail

Every good hiker knows that bringing along snacks is essential any time that they hit the hiking trail. For affordable yet useful gifts for hikers, hiking-friendly snacks are perfect. From beef jerky to granola bars, there are plenty of options for stocking stuffers! If you want a more personalized gift, try making your own trail mix.

Digital Camera

Even though a lot of people take pictures with their smartphones these days, digital cameras are still handy for hikers. After all, those who may need their phones for communication in an emergency may want to save their battery life. Plus, hikers may want to capture even better-quality pictures of the scenery that they see.

CamelBak Accessories

Water is obviously a necessity for anyone who hits the hiking trail. A nice, durable water bottle that holds plenty of water and that has its own filter can be a lifesaver for any hiker. It’s more environmentally friendly than disposable water bottles, and it saves money, too. Camelbak offers a wide range of water bottles that are ideal for hikers – including the Chute. The main appeal of the Chute is easy drinkability. Additionally, Camelbak has backpacks perfect for hikers. The backpacks have water straw in the front so that it’s easy to drink without taking your eyes off the hike.


A flashlight is a handy gift for just about anyone. For someone who spends a lot of time on the hiking trails, though, it can be invaluable. For those who are looking for a gift that is similar but a little different, a battery-operated or solar-powered lantern or even a headlamp can be a great gift idea.

Winter Gear

The holiday season is a great time to find good deals on winter gear and clothing. Everything from scarves and gloves to jackets and coats can be great for those who love to go hiking. Choosing winter weather gear that is designed for those who enjoy the great outdoors will help gift givers ensure that they are giving equipment that will be able to hold up to heavy-duty use.

Those who have hikers in their lives may want to buy their loved ones related gifts for the holiday season or any other purpose. Luckily, there are tons of hiking-related gifts that are perfect for those who love the outdoors!