Hiking gadgets have significantly advanced, similar to tools and equipment in other industries. Individuals looking for outdoor devices have plenty of options, some of which are highly advanced. If you are looking to purchase hiking gadgets, here are some of the tech devices that you can consider using!


Garmin eTrex 30x

If you do not want to get lost in valleys and deep into the forest, you need to get a map. The Garmin eTrex 30x is a high tech gadget that will help all individuals to detect their position every time they feel lost. This device is super lightweight and small enough to fit into the pocket of any person or the pack they will be using.

Sewer Mini Water Filtration Gadget

This is an award-winning water filtration gadget that all individuals who go hiking should have. Finding clean water for drinking will not be a problem for any person who carries this tech device that can filter more than 100,000 gallons of water. Preferred for its weight, this water filtration system removes bacteria up to 99 percent.

Anker Astro Mini Power Bank

Its smartphone age and individuals do not want their phones to switch off as it is the only device used for communication. Due to high power consumption, you need a power bank that will put your phone on for the entire period. Anker Astro Mini Power Bank is the only option that will provide reliability. This gadget can charge a smartphone for more than two times before exhausting power on storage.

PeakFinder AR

For those hiking in the mountains, Peakfinder is the best tech gadget they should have. This is an advanced tool that has thousands of mountains on its database. It will show all the information about various mountains such as height and the plants that individuals hiking should expect. Individuals need to direct their camera to a particular peak, and they will get all the information about that peak.

Tree Pod Cabana

Hanging houses were used for kids, but recent technology has brought more significant and stronger hanging houses for adults. It is light to carry around and will undoubtedly offer an individual an opportunity to hang up rather than resting on the grass where they can be stung by insects and thorny plants. Tree pod Cabana is the best option for all those individuals who want to spend some time camping.


While hiking gadgets may be useful, it is necessary to note that these gadgets are not guaranteed to work all of the time. For example, if you are hiking in a remote location, you may not have enough signal. Before any hike, be sure to research the surrounding area and always carry a paper map for a backup. Another important factor to consider is weight and space. While these gadgets may not be heavy, they do take up valuable space in your backpack. Be sure to consider what gadgets and other items are essential to your hike. Hiking technology should be a cool augment to your hike not a replacement for the basics and essentials that will keep you safe